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Lost or stolen Foos Goods?  Here you can pick up any additional products Including Chargers, batteries, cases and any other Foos products that are sold individually!

Atomizer 5 pack for Coolamizer car charger, foos, cheap, made in us, kansas city, missouri, colorful, traveling, accessories, novelties Foos B.I.G. Battery charger. Fits most ego style batteries.
Atomizer 5 pack for CoolamizerCar ChargerFoos B.I.G. Battery Charger

These Atomizers are uses in your coolamizer!There are five in a pack.  Just screw the bottom of coolamizer, unscrew old atomizer and screw in new atomizer! Easy as that, and you are ready to vape again! 

....Charging for on the go;)

This Charger Fits the Foos B.I.G. Or as you may know it, "The Big Foos." You don't need to buy a full kit to replace your lost battery!!! We've been there and done that.... Hell, you may even consider buying an extra one with your B.I.G. Kit just...





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LanyardsWall & Car ChargersWall Charger

Upon customer request....The Foos Lanyard ... NEVER Loose your Foos again;)...The number one thing we hear.....WE LOVE IT!!!...OH MY GOSH....Where did i put it?... or I forgot it in the car...WELL.....taaahh daaahhhh... Here you go:) simply take...

This is a 2 Pack deal.. For $6.99 you get a Wall charger as well as a car charger so you can stay charged up whether you are traveling or relaxing:)

Here is the Wall Charger for those of you who need more than 1;)





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