stainless, silver, big foos, foos, made in usa, kansas city, missouri, e cig, e vape, best made Atomizer 5 pack for Coolamizer BAM! Blueberry Jam #29
    "SF" Foos Kit - Pink or Green Atomizer 5 pack for CoolamizerBAM! Blueberry Jam #29

    FOOS "SF" Kit The Foos "SF" Batteries are a 650MaH Digital Camouflage Electronic Cigarette. This Kit comes with the following items: 1- Foos "SF" Battery (650 MaH) 1- Foos USB Charger 1- Button Cover 1- Foos CE4 Clearomizer 1-Foos Camo Case

    These Atomizers are uses in your coolamizer!There are five in a pack.  Just screw the bottom of coolamizer, unscrew old atomizer and screw in new atomizer! Easy as that, and you are ready to vape again! 

    BAM! Blueberry Jam is now a part of our #29 line! Try this mouth watering flavor today! Let us know what you think!!

    Ingredients: Infused Blueberry, Vanilla & Butter 






    Candy Infused Banana #29 Coolamizer Creamy Coffee Brew #29
    Candy Infused Banana #29CoolamizerCreamy Coffee Brew #29

    Candy Infused Banana! A taste that reminds you of a sweet time! This Flavor has an amazing hit of banana and candy! 

    Try our new COOLAMIZER! This fills from the bottom, and can hold more FOOS JOOS than ever!  The coolamizer gives you a nice icy cool throat hit! Try It today!

    Try Creamy Coffee Brew Today! This smooth #29 blend is made with Hazelnut, Cream and Coffee extract! 





    Fruit Infusion #29 Joos #29 Bundle Kansas Cut #29 20ml
    Fruit Infusion #29Joos #29 Bundle Kansas Cut #29 20ml

    Fruit infusion is a flavor that will give your taste buds a thrill! A sweet blend of fruits that make you think you are on vacation! 

    Want to try all the Joos #29 Line!! Now is your chance! The new infusion process makes for bold yet smooth flavors that are irresistible! Flavors in bundle include: BAM ! Blueberry Jam Candy Infused Banana Cherry Chocolate Creamy Coffee Brew...

    Kansas Cut in new and improved. Now made in Wichita ,Ks! Enjoy this rich flavor today!  




    Mint Burst #29 Electronic Cigarette battery cartomizer charger wall Foos vapor Electronic Cigarette cartomizer refill Foos E Vapor
    Mint Burst #29Foos E Vapor Full Black Kit x2 Blueberry Foos Fill

    Mint Burst is a cool rush of flavor! Try this 20 ml Joos #29 today!!

     Full Foos E-Vapor kit with everything you need to "Vape on the go."

    Smooth and fluffy. Our Blueberry offers the a nice light flavoring that makes you want puff after puff. 2 Foos Refills (Blueberry) Blueberry in the Theatre? Foos E Vapor It's The Holy Smoke